My name is Pamela also known as PJ. I want to welcome you to my blog! A little bit about me…I work professionally in the healthcare information technology industry. I am married, have one son, and I am the youngest sibling. Family and relationships are very important to me. So I enjoy opportunties to get together to fellowship and create memories. I reside in Memphis, Tennessee and for the last couple of years or so I’ve been enjoying fishing. The interest was always there, but it was intensified in the last few years when a fisherman with whom I was on a date taught me how to fish. Enough about me…for now. Allow me to introduce you to the blog “A Girl’s Catch”.

What are your thoughts about fishing? For years I wanted to learn, but no one took me seriously. They thought I was too prissy and quite frankly they didn’t want the task of teaching a squirm-ish “girl” how to fish. But in 2019 I got hooked by a longtime fisherman who taught me. I was his catch…and yes, he was my catch also. And, months later (yes, months) we were married. A Girl’s Catch sort of commemorates my experiences and my love for fishing, And, also for my biggest catch to date; my angler-man. While I am still a beginner, I want to interact and share with other women who want to learn how to fish and with women who already enjoy fishing what I learn, learned, and am learning. It’s a continous journey. A Girl’s Catch will introduce fishing, techniques, gear, fishing outings ideas, and more! Let’s get that bait ready and get to catching!