My First Catch

Hey ladies! Come…a…little…closer; I want to tell you about my first time fishing! It was during a second date in June of 2019 at a private lake in Galloway, TN. I was with an old grade school crush with whom I’d reconnected over business. Our first date was the evening prior. During our phone time I’d told him I’d always wanted to learn how to fish. So when time came he told me he’d pick me up very early in the morning. We’d gotten in a little late from the first date but I was so excited that I was finally going fishing. Even if I had to just observe.

Based on the little I knew of fishing I figured I’d better wear some rubber boots. But I still had to be cute and made sure to coordinate and took a backpack with snacks, water, and bug spray. But my date had EVERYTHING I needed; after all he’d been fishing since he was a young boy. He was well known for his numerous big catches over the years as well as fishing for HOURS on hand.

Before we fished we went four-wheeling on his family’s 100 acres of land. What fun! He even let me drive the four wheeler for my first time ever, until I almost ran us into the lake! Lol

When it came down to fishing he set my mobile chair out along with a cooler with water and ice, WORMS, and different fishing “thingies” I’d only seen on TV. (I’ll tell you all later about those thingies.). He was patient and showed me how to throw the rod out and how to reel in a catch. When we caught the first fish I was so excited. I jumped up and down like a kid. He was genuinely happy for me. Little did he know, I was hooked on fishing at that point. And, we’d actually hooked and caught each other as well. We’ve been together from that point on. 

What’s Next?

Well, this ain’t no love story blog! I can’t wait to get to the epitome of what this blog is about. I’ll usually give some helpful information, such as introducing those “thingies” I mentioned along with creative and fun content related to fishing; you know, some things traditionalist might cringe over. But hey, that’s what fishing is TO ME. It’s about making it your own! It’s ok to be different and believe me that says a lot coming from someone who has fished with a family with way over 300 combined years of fishing experience. 

I’ll post videos and photos and would love for you to do the same. We’ll exchange ideas such as creative fishing outings. How does Crappie and Cocktails sound? Some people don’t want to fish for hours on hand. Crappie and Cocktails will allow us to fish for Crappie and then break for cocktails! Yes, make it yours ladies…yessss. And, if you’re in the Memphis, TN area you might just have to join me and my girls for such an outing. But if you’re not, you’ll have to share photos of your Crappie and Cocktails fishing outing. 

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