Boat Fishing – My First Experience

This past Saturday I went fishing on a boat for the first time. Firstly, I cannot swim! And, secondly, I was not afraid. I had an awesome time. Started out early; although there were a couple of hiccups. But nothing was going to get in my way of boat fishing! The boat was not a big plush motor boat. It was a jon boat. Yes…a jon boat. Before a couple of years ago I’d never heard of a jon boat. A jon boat is made of aluminum, wood, or fiberglass and has a flat bottom. It usually has up to three benches to sit on. They are not just for fishing but are also suitable for hunting and cruising. They are better suited for more shallow and calm waters and typically can also have a motor on it. This particular day we went motorless and just paddled.

Yes, I had an amazing time on this! Could have cruised and fished all day. No one in my family would have ever thought I’d be getting in/on a boat…other than a cruise ship. LOL Ladies, if I can do it you can too!


I was excited about what fish I might be able to catch by not being limited to the bank. I hoped I would catch fish I’d not caught before and guess what!?! I did! I caught a Gar…a few of them. My husband has referred to Gar fish as “trash” fish in the past. But, I thought…God didn’t make any trash! I’m sure he won’t be calling it trash fish again, especially after tasting it. One of my goals in fishing is to catch as many different species of fish as I can and also to dine on them…if appropriate. I say “appropriate” because while you may not always can control what you catch, it’s not always legal to keep certain fish.

What’s a Gar? It’s much easier for me to direct you to this link than to try to explain it myself. But I can describe it. Gars have elongated bodies that are heavily armored with hard and bony scales that have shiny surfaces. They have a lot of long sharp teeth that fill their elongated jaws. I’d recently heard that the meat of a gar fish is really tasty…but you have to be able to get to it. A regular ole fish scaler is a joke. Some people use power tools to break through that tough armour to get to the prized white meat. The MOST interesting thing to me about the Gar was how it went about biting and how I had to go about catching it. First of all, if the water is clear enough for you to see one it’s best to simply put the bait in front of its mouth. But only the bait…not the stopper. It seeing more than the bait (in my case Saturday…worms), it might get spooked and let go. Also, I had to bring it in gently because due to their teeth it’s nearly impossible to hook one with a regular hook. So it’s best to have a large fishing net ready to scoop it up if you can get close enough to it. Apparently, the best way to hook one is by using “entanglement bait”. For example, certain strings that it can get its teeth caught in.

I also caught a few bream, a crappie, and a catfish. While each catch was exciting it was simply a tranquil cruise on the portion of the Wolf River I was on. Because the boat is so low I was curious as to how I was going to get in…without tipping on over. LOL. You’ll get a chance to see how things went down…I made a few videos and took some pictures.

TIPS FOR BOAT FISHING AND FISHING IN GENERAL….There are a lot more to consider than what’s here, but for this particular outing these things were very important to me.

Safety first! Life jackets/vests are a must as well as bug spray, sunscreen, and sometimes a hat of some sort to block some of the sun. I also like to take bottle water and something to snack on. Protein is great! I made turkey and bologna sandwiches with cheese and cut. Wrappred them up in aluminum foil and threw them in the cooler with the cold water. And, for those who might have issues with blood sugar (not only diabetics) something sweet in case your blood sugar level happens to drop. I’m a “passer-outter” usually due to my blood pressure dropping so I definitely have to consider the heat and having cold water. And, I ALWAYS wear my “fishing boots”. No matter where I’m going to fish.

Up and at’em! Ladies, beat HIM getting ready! Men expect us to be late and to slow them down. We are capabale!
I think I scared him…lol.
Hot and Sweaty…But well worth it!
The Catch: Big and small…I like them all. lol
Gar Fish!

My First Catch

Hey ladies! Come…a…little…closer; I want to tell you about my first time fishing! It was during a second date in June of 2019 at a private lake in Galloway, TN. I was with an old grade school crush with whom I’d reconnected over business. Our first date was the evening prior. During our phone time I’d told him I’d always wanted to learn how to fish. So when time came he told me he’d pick me up very early in the morning. We’d gotten in a little late from the first date but I was so excited that I was finally going fishing. Even if I had to just observe.

Based on the little I knew of fishing I figured I’d better wear some rubber boots. But I still had to be cute and made sure to coordinate and took a backpack with snacks, water, and bug spray. But my date had EVERYTHING I needed; after all he’d been fishing since he was a young boy. He was well known for his numerous big catches over the years as well as fishing for HOURS on hand.

Before we fished we went four-wheeling on his family’s 100 acres of land. What fun! He even let me drive the four wheeler for my first time ever, until I almost ran us into the lake! Lol

When it came down to fishing he set my mobile chair out along with a cooler with water and ice, WORMS, and different fishing “thingies” I’d only seen on TV. (I’ll tell you all later about those thingies.). He was patient and showed me how to throw the rod out and how to reel in a catch. When we caught the first fish I was so excited. I jumped up and down like a kid. He was genuinely happy for me. Little did he know, I was hooked on fishing at that point. And, we’d actually hooked and caught each other as well. We’ve been together from that point on. 

What’s Next?

Well, this ain’t no love story blog! I can’t wait to get to the epitome of what this blog is about. I’ll usually give some helpful information, such as introducing those “thingies” I mentioned along with creative and fun content related to fishing; you know, some things traditionalist might cringe over. But hey, that’s what fishing is TO ME. It’s about making it your own! It’s ok to be different and believe me that says a lot coming from someone who has fished with a family with way over 300 combined years of fishing experience. 

I’ll post videos and photos and would love for you to do the same. We’ll exchange ideas such as creative fishing outings. How does Crappie and Cocktails sound? Some people don’t want to fish for hours on hand. Crappie and Cocktails will allow us to fish for Crappie and then break for cocktails! Yes, make it yours ladies…yessss. And, if you’re in the Memphis, TN area you might just have to join me and my girls for such an outing. But if you’re not, you’ll have to share photos of your Crappie and Cocktails fishing outing.